Welcome to Compel Inner-Province LLC. formerly Sidney Bryant Films LLC. The mission of this company is to provide kingdom citizens with kingdom experiences; ranging from fellowship to christian entertainment. We are not just another faith-based company, but a company striving for the spirit of excellence by any means necessary.


We believe in keeping God's standards for our lives at the center of our goals. We strive to meet his standard and to carry out his mission in everything we do.


Proverbs 3:6
Proverbs 2:6


We believe in advancing the Kingdom of God through his infinite wisdom. We trust him for guidance in all of our projects and events; working to impart his knowledge and understanding into our listeners, viewers and partners. 


"But, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Our agenda is not self gain but kingdom growth. 

Matthew 6:33

Our Values

We focus our attention on our listeners, viewers, and partners. We work to produce faith-based films that inspire love, hope and change; to create workshops and seminars to impart God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding into today's generation. Our ultimate goal is to enrich the life of God's people through every avenue created for His purpose. We value God's plan for our life and your's too, and because of that, we are persistent in developing a company that will change lives.


Our History

Sidney Bryant Films was founded in 2010 as a result of a final project and presentation given by Sidney Bryant at The Art Institute of Atlanta. It was in the summer of 2011 that Sidney had a vision for a ministry that would ultimately provide to it's community necessities such as shopping centers, car lots, movie theaters, schools and a place to gather on Sunday and hear God's word. His vision seemed too big to many, but over the years he has worked to insure that his vision is never lost.


In the late months of 2016 the Lord began to give Pastor Sidney a purpose filled name Compel Inner-Province LLC. that umbrella would consist of a film division (Compelling Pictures), a motivational speakers organization (The Bureau of Compellers), a music label (The Sound that Compel), a church for fellowship (Compel Inner-Province Fellowship Church), and many other divisions.

The name Compel Inner-Province was more than just a name, it was a mission to "Live, Love and Grow Starting at Home First."