Stop focusing on what you don't have and use all that you do!

-sidney bryant sr.

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WOW OMG! - Atlanta GA

WOW! Where do I start! OMG! I attended the symposium last night at the Hyatt Hotel for the 1 year 3 to go seminar for college students and I am so glad I did! Only $25 to register felt like I stole the inspiration! This Man is a fireball with tons of wisdom. As he began to talk about how important it is to have the eggs in the Pound Cake I realized why things had been so difficult over the course of my first year and that alone gave me hope to keep pushing. It's just like he said It doesn't make sense why obstacles keep coming up; but when you choose to push through them... when it comes time for the real issues to hit... you are strong enough to withstand them! Thank you so much Sidney for the Pound Cake!

Shannon W.