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04 Aug 2019

Thank you for being obedient!

I want to say that the conference was so on point and divine! Thank you for your obedience. I honestly thought I would never see something like this in Douglas Ga but my spirit is stirred and I’m super excited for the catalyst this event is in the spirit realm. It has started something. God is awesome. I want you to be encouraged that your obedience is appreciated for myself and I pray that when the next one comes around that it hits the streets. It’s not about the numbers but young people everywhere needs to hear and see a representation of what it looks like to be active participants in the kingdom of God. To see other young people praise him. What you carry is need and vital to the next season in our life. Don’t hold back when God shows up because it’s going to be big. Lives will be changed. Mine was changed from the one night I was able to attend. Anyways, if you need help promoting for the next conference I would love to help.

-T'keyah Dennis

18 Apr 2018

Pound Cake - New Port News, VA

Greetings Mr. Bryant I received an email blast from Compel on Saturday and thought at first this is just another scam. However on accident I hit play on the youtube video and I am so glad I did. I have two twin boys who are in their first year of college. They are attending Hampton University which is an HBCU and when they originally started there, I was worried they would fall into that typical 1st year of college syndrome. So many obstacles have come up sense they began last Semester and my wife and I where beginning to wonder if we made the right choice in letting them attend college away from home before they were ready. After listening to "Let's Talk Pound Cake" I realize this is just part of it! This is the Eggs and Sugar! They are going to be fine! Nevertheless I have faith in their ability to succeed. I've sent this video to all of my friends who's children either just start college or are preparing for college! Such a powerful message! Thanks for sharing!

-Michael W.

24 Feb 2018

WOW OMG! - Atlanta GA

WOW! Where do I start! OMG! I attended the symposium last night at the Hyatt Hotel for the 1 year 3 to go seminar for college students and I am so glad I did! Only $25 to register felt like I stole the inspiration! This Man is a fireball with tons of wisdom. As he began to talk about how important it is to have the eggs in the Pound Cake I realized why things had been so difficult over the course of my first year and that alone gave me hope to keep pushing. It's just like he said It doesn't make sense why obstacles keep coming up; but when you choose to push through them... when it comes time for the real issues to hit... you are strong enough to withstand them! Thank you so much Sidney for the Pound Cake!

Shannon W.

09 Nov 2017

Blessed By your Book! - Johannesburg, South Africa

Grace to you sir. Blessed by your book. Becoming the Legendary Man is just the manual for every man in Christ seeking to build a solid foundation maritally, family and impact generations based on the Word of God. Highly recommended for every man who's ready to take such a bold decision in life. It's so real bro! Thank you!

Divine Akorli

23 Sep 2016

CATE Director of Newton County

I met Sidney during his work as a Technology Student Association (TSA) state officer while he was still in high school. In addition to his commanding stage presence, I was impressed with his strong work ethic, positive attitude, and outstanding character. These traits are ones that I do not often see in adults, much less teenage students. I am sure Mr. Bryant’s experiences in entrepreneurship, film-making, teaching, and pastoral work have further strengthened those traits. When I am looking for individuals to motivate and inspire others, Sidney is the type of person I try to find. I am happy to provide this letter as a testament to his professionalism, public speaking skill, and overall character and I am confident that he will work tirelessly to make sure his clients receive superior service and quality results.



Tim Schmitt, Ed.D.

CTAE Director Newton County School System

770-787-1330 ext. 1273

​Click here for the Official Letter of Recommendation

15 Apr 2017

True Inspiration - St. Petersburg, Fl

Sidney is a very outstanding one of a kind individual! My children attended a recent event where Sidney was one of the key speakers I tell you I have noticed a difference in how they go about their days, one example is one of my children makes it her business to look in the mirror every morning and says "Good Morning Nurse Pettis" after asking her why she does such a thing she stated "because that's what I will become one day"... The difference in that conversation was the fact that she will become and no longer what she may become or what she wants to become! Thank you Sidney you are a true inspiration in the lives of the people.

Renata C.

23 Mar 2017

Awesome experience!!!😀😀😀 - Atlanta, GA

What an experience to be in the presents of such an inspiring purpose driven young man that's determined for greatness and most important determine to help others fulfill their destiny as well. Keep up the Good work!

Michael W.

20 Feb 2017

Last minute Replacement - Nashville, TN

Just got back from the Inspire Conference in Nashville and Sidney blew us away! He was the Keynote Speaker and boy did he inspire so many of us! His topic "There's a Lion in you"  and the technic is explosive and grabbing! He gets you involved and before you know it your opening up to him about your deepest secrets in front of the entire audience. I was so happy we selected him for this event, and it was on short notice but he came through with all the whistles and bells! Best $2500 we've ever spent!

Danielle G.

16 Sep 2016

POWERFUL - Dallas, Tx

Sidney is a one heck of a speaker! He had our employees laughing, crying and realizing they had the power to change our company! I am so thankful for him, he has the ability to speak from a place that is out of this world. He connected with everyone in the room of all religions, and even the ones who do not have a religion. A few of our employees are Atheist but they too appreciated Sidney and his message of Love, Hope and Change! Can't wait to have him back later this year for his second session!

Judy P. 

23 Aug 2016

Powerful and Impactful - Hazelhurst, Ga

The message of the "Surrender Seminar" is powerful and impactful. It is sure to bless anyone who will dare to embrace the message. It will challenge you to surrender to the will and the power of almighty God.

Christopher S.

23 Aug 2016

Profound in Reaching Beyond the Church - Hazelhurst Ga

The Surrender Seminar was impactful to me in using the realities of real life issues and linking them to reasons why we need to trust God. The commentary of the film was signature. This approach is clever and will be profound in reaching beyond the church audience.



Keela S.

13 Aug 2016

Awesome Keynote speaker! - Decatur, GA

Sidney was our Keynote speaker last year at our young mens summit at the Dekalb Performing Arts Center. He did an amazing job. Although he's 25 he was able to connect with our young men ages 14-19. The guys loved him and many have requested we bring him back next year!

James S.

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